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My Story

Jett is now 18 months old and working hard on achieving goals! He navigates by rolling all around and has recently started army crawling. He loves being in his walker and roaming all over that way too! He works hard to reach his goals and we hope one day FAST will discover a cure that helps him live a a life where he doesn't have to work quite so hard to reach milestones! We'd love your help in raising money to find a cure for Angelman Syndrome! Check out our website for a lot more info on Jett, AS, and a cure! jumpingforjett.com

Please note- the money donated here goes directly to FAST to find a cure, not to our family! Just the way we want it!!!

Jett was diagnosed with AS at 7 months old.
A phrase we are now obsessed with, but had never heard before Jett..
Angelman Syndrome.
This is a rare genetic condition that affects a single gene on chromosome 15 that is responsible for creating a certain protein in the brain.
In (very) short it affects the communication from his brain to his muscles.. It means he won’t talk, may not walk, and will likely experience a life of seizures, and in turn, obvious hardships.
While we are so sad for the future we envisioned for our little baby Jett, we love the little boy that we have been blessed with. Along with the above mentioned hardships, people with Angelman Syndrome are known for their happy, excited demeanors, and their endless smiles. They are real blessings to their families, and we feel lucky to have him just exactly how he is.
However.. there is a possible cure on the horizon! It has been worked on for a yyyeeaarrsss, and has honestly been cured on mice in the lab!! The people at FAST (Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics) are amazing people giving hope for a better life for these special angels!
You guys.. It really is the saddest thing to see little Jett, and his brain, try so hard to get his body to roll over (there's a video on our website under the Cure tab), and reach the toy he wants... and it just doesn’t happen. It’s absolutely heart wrenching.
If you have even a dime to spare to add to my baby Jett’s CAN (Cure Angelman Now) account, I will forever be your very very very best friend! Really and truly.
And if you can’t, I understand! But will you please share?
There is a cure in sight!!! There are therapies! It is on the horizon! And I am BEGGING you for your help, and support. Every single cent helps.Thank you and Thank you and THANK YOU!!! ❤️

Here is a great video that explains more about the potential cures being studied and where your money is going!

I've created this page because I'm inspired by the breakthroughs being made by FAST, and I want to do my part by raising money to fund clinical trials for Angelman syndrome (AS). FAST researchers know exactly what causes AS and have already cured it in the laboratory. Today, several strategies are in development to treat Angelman syndrome. Your donation to my page helps fund all of them. Please help me support this critical research by clicking the “Give Now” button and donating whatever you can. Every single dollar counts and is appreciated! The more people that know about FAST, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your contacts. Since AS is a rare disorder, we truly rely on the support of friends and family members to fund this groundbreaking research. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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